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Arsenal FC is proud to announce the AFC Juggling Academy. The purpose of this program is to encourage our players to become more comfortable and connected to the soccer ball. 

Learning to juggle is an important skill for young, developing soccer players. In addition to improving first touch and ball control, juggling also helps players develop important mental skills such as focus, concentration, effort, determination, goal setting, patience and self-control. In fact, you really can’t learn to juggle well without learning and developing each of these mental skills. For that reason, juggling is an excellent dual-purpose activity. While you are developing your physical skills you are also developing mental skills that will help you in every phase of soccer (and life).

Actually, juggling also teaches one other important skill – practice. Learning to practice is a skill. When you practice daily, you develop the habit of practicing and research shows that even short daily practice helps you learn the skill quicker.

Daily practice, even for five minutes, nourishes this process, while more occasional practice forces your brain to play catch-up. You’re much better off practicing a skill like juggling 5-10 minutes per day than you are to go out and practice one time a week for an hour. The key to maximizing the benefits of daily practice is to make sure you practice with complete concentration and effort (deep practice). If you can perform the skill 9 -10 times out of 10, then it’s too easy and you need to make the activity more challenging. For juggling do left foot only or alternate feet. Make sure it’s something that forces you to concentrate and work hard!

What is the Juggling Academy?

The Juggling Academy is a program that allows AFC players the opportunity to express themselves and grow more confident with the ball. This program allows players to work on their own with easy to follow, goal oriented challenges provided by the club, that increasingly get harder as the player’s skill level improves.  All AFC players are welcome and encouraged to participate in the Juggling Academy.

How The Program Works:

  • Membership to the juggling club is easy. All you have to do is practice on your own.
  • AFC coaching staff will conduct a monthly juggling test.
  • At the end of each month,  recognition will be awarded and posted on the website.
  • Once final approval is granted, players will be added as a Member into the AFC Juggling Academy, have their name listed on the website & social media, and receive their very own AFC Juggling Academy Bag Tag which they can display proudly on their soccer bags for all teammates, family, and coaches to see. Each tag will have it's respective achievement level displayed on it.  As players achieve higher levels, other rewards and fun prizes will also be available.

Program Rules:

  1. Use an age appropriate ball size
  2. No hands
  3. Once the ball hits the ground, the count start over


Psychological Benefits of Juggling

  • Develops a Player’s Passion for the Ball
  • Teaches Players how to Set & Achieve Goals
  • Teaches Players Responsibility and Commitment
  • Builds the Attitude of "Grit & Resilience" 

Technical Benefits of Juggling

  • Develops “Feel for the Ball”
  • Develops Silky-Smooth First Touch 
  • Develops  Creativity with the Ball

Tactical Benefits

  • Higher level of Confidence to Control Ball Under Pressure
  • Higher level of Creative & Intelligent Decision-Making
  • Develops “Ball Sense”

Physical Benefits

  • Develops Agility, Balance, Coordination
  • Develops Quick-Feet
  • Develops the “Magic-Hop”

Competition Levels

  • LEVEL     I -      15 JUGGLES
  • LEVEL    II -      25 JUGGLES
  • LEVEL   III -      50 JUGGLES
  • LEVEL   IV -     75 JUGGLES
  • LEVEL    V -   100 JUGGLES
  • LEVEL   VI -   250 JUGGLES
  • LEVEL  VII -   500 JUGGLES
  • LEVEL   IX - 1000 JUGGLES


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